International ungdomskonference mod kriminaliseringen af kommunismen

7.november 2006 * 

 Unge organiseret i Revolutionär Kommunistisk Ungdom RKU i Sverige  deltog i international konference mod antikommunismen

“5th Meeting of European Communist Youth Organizations” var navnet på den internationale konferens i Prag hvor RKU deltog (27-29 oktober). Arrangøren, de Tjeckiska ungkommunisterna KSM, hade bara några dagar innan konferensen delgivits att organisationen uppløsts av det Tjeckiska parlamentet.

Den officielle forklaring anledningen var att KSM i sit politiske program har skrevet at “den private ejendomsret til produktionsmidlerne skal ophæves og erstattes med kollektiv ejendomsret over produktionsmidlerne. Precis som da RKU förlorade sitt statsbidrag från Ungdomsstyrelsen i Sverige 2004, motiverar man sitt agerande genom att hänvisa till organisationens politiska program. Plötsligt har alltså den “demokratiska” staten förbjudit en åsikt. (Läs mer om RKU statsbidraget och ungdomsstyrelsen)

Konferensen i Prag genomfördes i alla fall. Solidaritetshälsningar har strömmat in till KSM, och väl i Prag deltog 16 organisationer från hela Europa. Diskussionerna handlade om en mängd olika frågor som hotar den europeiska ungdomen, bland annat social nedrustning, privatiseringar och EU-direktiv. Men framförallt handlade konferensen om den antidemokratiska och antikommunistiska kampanj som satt fart i Europa. I spetsen för denna kampanj går Europeiska Unionen som nu skördat ett första offer, KSM. RKU passade på att överlämna ett stöduttalande till de tjeckiska ungkommunisterna.

Organisationerna på plats utbytte också erfarenheter och idéer om hur man bäst kan kämpa mot de högervindar som blåser över Europa. Det var en lyckad och inspirerande konferens för RKU som slutligen kunde enas om följande deklaration mot antikommunismen:

Final Declaration

The 5th Meeting of European Communist Youth Organizations took place in Prague, Czech Republic from 27th to 29th October 2006 with attendance of communist youth organizations from Austria, Belgium, Britain, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden and the Czech Republic. The World Federation of Democratic Youth also participated in the meeting as observer. The meeting took place under the slogan “Struggle of European Youth against Attacks on Social and Democratic Rights – Militant Offensive against Anticommunism! For Decent Life and Socialist Future for the Youth!”, comprising an important moment for the analysis of the political, social and economical situation of young people in different European countries, for the coordination of efforts and for the exchange of experiences of work and struggle amongst the communist youth organizations in Europe.

In present Europe multitude of serious attacks targeting the working class and majority of youth and people are under way. They are aimed at a number of conquests of long and difficult social struggles, related to work, peace, social system, education, health service, culture etc. This process proceeds in the interests of imperialism of the European Union and its roots are fixed in the capitalist system.

The capitalist right-wing political forces and social democracy that endeavour to promote capitalist restructuring expressed by constant attempts to push through the policies of privatization, deregulation and attacks on social rights of the working people need to eliminate their principal opponent and to eliminate the communists that disclose the strategy of imperialism and who only have the alternative – socialism. Therefore the right-wing forces together with social democracy use repressive measures to eliminate the communists and their organizations, to discredit with their propaganda the communist thought and goals and to exclude them from electoral procedures, to control their membership and finances. The European wide anti-communist campaign finds its expression in the anti-communist attacks that are in run in some European countries through the penalization of organizations and their activities, prohibition, imprisonment and torture of its members, establishment of anti-communist foundations, memorials and museums, forbidding of communist symbols etc.

These anti-democratic operations aim to strike the communist movement and the most elementary rights and freedoms of the people also by the implementation of the so called “anti-terrorist legislation”, through treaties like Shengen and other directives of the European Union and intend to criminalize and delegitimize communists and their actions, comparing them with hideous crimes carried out by nazi-fascism.

The anti-communist Resolution entitled “The need for international condemnation of the crimes of totalitarian communist regimes” approved at plenary session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and the recent resolution of European parliament about legislating anticommunism were expressions of this extremely dangerous and reactionary development on European level.

Ideological and political witch hunt, as exerted by the anti-communist resolution is not aimed solely at communists. It concerns the whole of the people because it signals are a clear attacks against the most fundamental human rights, freedoms and guarantees and a move towards the criminalization of the people’s struggles, they hit trade unionism and even more specifically the class struggle. It delivers a blow against fundamental democratic rights and freedoms.

We also underline the importance to reinforce the struggle against the attempts to falsify and rewrite the history and forget the people’s struggle and conquests, which are the defeats of capitalism. The people under attack and the representatives of the communist ideology have an immense contribution, and made uncountable sacrifices in the anti-fascist victory of people in the WWII. Moreover, they have been the mobilizing and struggling force for the achievement of many working, collective, syndicalist, civic and democratic rights during decades, rights that now are under attack in the name of “war against terror”, of open markets, competition and globalization of capital.

Only few days before this meeting which was hosted by the Communist Youth Union (KSM), this youth organization had been notified of its ban by the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic, a member state of European union that hypocritically claims to defend freedom and democracy. The main reason that finally officially formed the basis of charge for the declared dissolution of the KSM was a claim that the KSM reflected in its Program necessity of replacement of the private ownership of means of production with collective ownership of means of production. Thus, the reason for the illegalization of this youth organization was conviction of these young people to build a different society, not based on the capitalist principles.

The attack against the KSM is an inadmissible form of political and ideological manipulation, which, in targeting the communists, attempts once again to criminalize communist ideology and any social action demanding implementation of the legitimate aspirations of the world youth.

In the Czech Republic and all over the world, a solidarity campaign emerged towards the Czech communist youth. In the Czech Republic, students’ organizations, political parties, several associations and anti-fascist organization protested against this attack to the most elementary democratic rights. All over the world, a great number of youth organisations of various aims, political parties and many personalities and intellectuals are demanding the retreat of the decision that illegalizes the KSM. This international campaign for democratic and civil rights and liberties is being dynamized by the World federation of Democratic Youth, of which the KSM is a member.

The communists have the alternative and this is why they are the main target in the wider attacks against the people’s movement. In fact the appeal of communists and progressive ideals worries the system of exploitation and discrimination because by its policies the European youth became aware of the capitalist crimes.

We call upon the communist youth organizations, and all anti-imperialist, progressive and democratic young people of Europe and of the world to boost the struggle against these anti-democratic measures in their countries and to continue to develop a range of actions to raise the conscience of the youth and to stop these attacks immediately, being strongly committed not to allow any expression of the youth movement to be oppressed and silenced. It is important for the communist youth organizations nowadays to answer anticommunist and antisocialist propaganda promoting offensively in this field of battle of ideas in school and university classrooms our ideology of Marxism-Leninism, the scientific truth about the evolution of the society and about what socialism has offered to the people during all these years.

We express our full solidarity with the KSM, with the communists and other progressive people of the Czech Republic in their struggle in defence of fundamental democratic rights and liberties. We demand immediate end to the attacks and direct steps to restore basic democratic liberties for the Czech youth and the free action of KSM.

Future cannot be banned!
No to the ban of the KSM!
No to anticommunism!

Sebastian Malmberg,
Internationell sekreterare för RKU


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