Vatikanets og Cia’ s rolle i naziforbryderflugten efter 1945

30.November * 1992 * *

NEW YORK (-) Væsentlig bog i emnet skrevet af Mark Aarons og John Loftus:Unholy Trinity:How the Vatican’s Nazi Networks Betrayed Western Intelligence to the Soviets.New York: St.Martin’s Press, 1992. 372 sider.

John Loftus is an attorney who worked for the Nazi-hunting unit of the Justice Department until he left in 1981 to write “The Belarus Secret,” and Mark Aarons is an Australian investigative reporter whose work led to the prosecution of Nazi war criminals in that country. In this book they present the most comprehensive account yet in two areas of immediate postwar history: the role of the Vatican “Ratlines” in Nazi smuggling, and the involvement of Soviet intelligence in manipulating these events.
Pave Pius XII og Giovanni Montini (senere Pave Paul VI) were involved in a massive obstruction of justice, sheltered by U.S. intelligence officers who had plans to use ex-Nazis i den kolde krig mod kommunismen , som i 1946 blev proklameret af Winston Churchill.

But everything always went wrong when the U.S. sent agents behind the Iron Curtain. Allen Dulles and James Angleton figured at Stalins mesterspion Kim Philby was the problem, so after 1951 they started backing the rival fascist organizations that Philby had denounced. As the authors reveal for the first time, this simply meant that a different faction in Soviet intelligence was now pulling the strings. “By 1959, the United States had lost every courier, safehouse, and intelligence network behind the Iron Curtain. The intelligence scandal was swept quietly under the rug, just as the Vatican scandal before it.”

Allen Dulles and British MI6 aided many other top Nazi war criminals along with Karl Wolff to evade prosecution at the Nürnberg war crimes trials. They went out via the “ratlines” in Europe, the Mideast, and Latin America to prop up dictators and run covert armies. Among them were Klaus Barbie (the SS mass murderer in France); Reinhard Gehlen (Nazi intelligence officer who became post-war Germany’s intelligence service chief under the direct supervision of the CIA and MI6); Otto Skorzeny (head of the SS commando units, master of stay-behind covert armies and death squads in Europe, Africa and South America); and Hjalmar Schacht (Skorzeny’s father-in-law, banker, protégé of Bank of England Governor Montagu Norman and of John Foster Dulles). Schacht had coordinated the fundraising to install Hitler as Germany’s dictator, and had supervised the building of the Nazi war machine.[13]

The 14th Waffen SS Grenadier Division (1st Galician), a unit of eight thousand Ukrainian troops under Nazi command, including concentration camp guards, surrendered to General Alexander. Instead of being sent back to the USSR to be broken down, they were dispersed to Britain, to Canada, and throughout Europe for use in new underground secret armies under NATO. The direct heirs of these and other wings of the Ukrainian fascist Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) still celebrate Hitler’s war with Russia. They have considerable influence today in NATO and Washington corridors of power, which they brought to bear in rallying U.S. support for the Anglo-American coup of February 2014 that installed the present regime in Ukraine.[14]
ISBN 0-312-07111-6


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