Amerika: Hvad er realiteten bag USA` s statskapitalistiske underskud ?

SEPtember 2004

DEn politiske ledelse af De Forenede Stater, dvs USA´s kapitalistiske staters fælles-regering i Washington er nu i en situation som af uafhængige amerikanske økonomer beskrives med disse ord : “regeringens “fiscal ills have spun wildly out of control and no longer are containable within the existing system. As detailed in this article, the actual annual shortfall in U.S. government operations for fiscal year 2003 (September 30) was $3.7 trillion *1). Put in perspective, that means if the U.S. Treasury had seized all wages and salaries in 2003 with a 100% income tax, there still would have been a deficit! The outlook for fiscal 2004 numbers is even worse.  . .. …. .. . . .. . . ..

 .. .. . .. . . . .. .

The United States is the world’s largest net-debtor nation, has the world’s largest current account trade balance and has the highest level of debt or financial obligations ever seen, irrespective of relative measure, for any major country, by at least an order of magnitude.[5]

As of August 2004, Fitch gave the “AAA” rating to only 15 countries, including the United States. The other 14 are Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Of those 14, five ran budget surpluses in 2003, including Canada, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The worst deficit as a percent of GDP was for France at 4.1%, followed by Germany at 3.5%. In contrast, the not-generally-recognized GAAP U.S. deficit in 2003 was 34.2%.

Similarly, the highest level of debt to GDP seen among the 14 other “AAA” countries is at 75.6% for Canada, followed by France at 71.1%, Germany at 65.1% and Austria at 64.9%, versus a GAAP ratio of total financial obligations to GDP of 334.3% for the United States. The low ratio among the “AAA” countries is Luxembourg at 4.9%. ”

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NOTER:En amerikansk “trillion” svarer til en “billion”altså tusind milliarder:, (et tal fulgt af tolv 12 nuller(ciffrer), hvilket lyder astronomisk hvad det ikke er, hvis man sammenligner med for eksempel Danmarks Bruttonationalprodukt (BNP), dvs den årlige opgørelse over den samlede opgørelse af produktion og service.
BNP sammenregnes i Danmarks Statistik . . .. . . .
Den ligger på omkring 1500 milliarder kroner pro anno , altså 1,5 billioner kroner på tolv måneders interval


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