Modstanden uovervindelig:CPP-NPA kæmper for en retfærdig sag:

25.dec. 2007

Derfor er modstanden uovervindelig: CPP-NPA kæmper for en retfærdig sag

Det skriver det borgerlige filipinske dagblad Philipines Daily Inquirer i en artikel af Delfin Mallari Jr. om hvorfor New Peoples Army – Den Nye Folkehær – stadig efter 39 års kamp “udgør en sikkerhedstrussel”

CPP-NPA fighting for just cause, Sison claims

LUCENA CITY — Why do the New People’s Army rebels still remain as the number one threat to the security of the state after 39 years of staging a guerrilla warfare against government forces?

Ifølge Filippinernes Kommunistiske Parti – CPP´s formand ved stiftelsen Jose Maria Sison, kæmper NPA-oprørerne for en retfærdig sag.

“The Filipino people’s armed revolution for national liberation and democracy against imperialist and feudal domination is a just cause. It is therefore understandable why this armed revolution is indestructible and has successfully persevered against the Marcos fascist dictatorship and the subsequent pseudo-democratic regimes,” Sison said in a statement sent to the Philippine Daily Inquirer on the eve of the CPP’s 39th founding anniversary on December 26.


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